Sew It Seams.......

I'm still working on the red costume, taking much longer than I thought. There is not enough time in the day or I just get distracted. The bra design has changed again. Other projects have gotten my attention or need it more. I did receive a new sewing machine for my birthday, so I did take a short break. Life does happen.

There's a new skirt for the upcoming Kismet in October!

Shh...there's a stack of costume fabric on the shelf. ;0

Kismet Stage July 2010

This past Saturday evening, Kismet Stage in Carrollton. Too bad it was the last show at this location, they are looking for a new venue. This venue has a great stage and lighting. The DJ does a superb job. But the economy has a hand in everything these days.

I volunteered at this month. My new position of dancer check in, allowed me to meet the performers up close and personal.

The line up included performers, troupe and what of treat of having to live music bands. Wind & Fingers and Tribal Element. At the intermission break "It Is What It Is" performed (Hand drumming and percussion band)

It was a packed house as well as the program. Act III was all performers dancing with live music. Nice touch to the show. Nothing compares to live drums and or other instruments.

Look for other events by Kismet. Support dance in your community!
**We do need to keep art alive.**

I personally captured too many pictures to post them all; if you were a performer and are interested in see the entire album drop me a email!

Ahlan Cario Nights

Little Egypt in Dallas does host excellent workshops and seminars! I had the pleasure of attending ACN along with the Queen of Raks competition 2010. All good as they say. The competition included dancers from all over! The Queen competition was on Thursday evening. I'm following the program and counting 16 contestants. The all put on a good show. Colorful costumes, great music and performing. A must see if you are interested in competition and or just love to watch others. I was happy I decided to go. I stayed for the "show after the contest". Asi Haskal with local dancers from TX and singer Amr Kamal. A late night but well worth it. I forgot to mention the opening procession was a sight to see, lots of dancers in various costumes, colorful and entertaining to say the least.

The Saturday night show was spectacular. Soloist and Troupes from around the TX area and beyond. Nadi El Raks had an opportunity to dance! The costumes were a hit!

Too bad for me I did not purchase a Saturday night dinner and show ticket. It was a blast from what I've been told. Singer Yasser, Performances by Nour, Osama Emam, Khaled Mahomoud, Asi Haskal, Jihan Jamal, Maja, Lotus Niraja, Azusa and Silvia.

Next year, I be sure to mark my calendar and be ready to do the entire event.

Queen of Raks:
1st Place Dalida
2nd Place Yeli
3rd Place Alia

Congratulations to all!


Saidi Dress

Sewing and beading the Saidi Dress was one of my latest projects. I have to thank Magdelena for the personal pattern. It fits like a glove. The fabric stretch lycra; was somewhat sheer. Beaded with gold bugle bead and 3 different or more colors of paillettes. (Paillette's will stain the skin.)

Having previous knowledge in sewing is invaluable in belly dance costuming. If you don't sew, find a friend who does and be very nice to her or learn to sew. It does help in costume repair and construction.

The beading was the most difficult of all; as well as time consuming. I'd suggest not to design an elaborate design if you don't have that kind of time. A simple design works well also. Tip: Knot your thread every so often, take your time, be sure to have a marking pen, good beading needles and thread. It's all downhill after that. You will have to take time to plan out your design. Look at other costume pictures on line to obtain ideas.

Cartwright's on line for sequins and other goodies.
Spandex World for costuming fabric

Nadi El Raks

Nadi El Raks (Dance Club) is the brain child of Magedelena, an aquiantence I met back while living in St. Louis. All members of this group or either instructors and or lovers of the art of belly dance. We are a good mix of women who are dedicated to promoting the art and of course love costumes.

Magdelena currently teaches in Frisco, TX. (Will update with link soon!)
Rickki & Sam both teach in McKinney, TX. (Ditto!)
I previously taught in St. Louis.
Jenn is soon to open Sole Groove Dance in Flower Mound!

Keep your eyes out, we love to dance!

I'm Back!!!

It's been far too long not to have posted something! So what have I been up to since the last post? Lots of stuff and activities. I have joined a group Nadi El Raks (The Dance Club), we have had several performances under our hip belts.

There is Strato's visits, Kismet and Ahlan Cario Nights.

I've completed several costume skirts, purchased a few new pieces and beginning on improvement of my beading skills. I've made a saidi dress and more costumes are on the drawing table. So let's get started and I'm back!


Hafla @ Strato's!

Opa! Once a month "Authentic Belly Dancing Academy" host a hafla, open to local area students and performers. It is another opportunity for dancers, to practice performing for a live audience, share your art and perfect your talents. I'm happy to have performed at this month's event. It a warm crowd and the restaurant is a very nice establishment. The menu is Greek, lots of selections. It located in Dallas. www.ClubStratos.com

Each month there is the opportunity to see dancer from around the area, and lots of various styles of belly dance! Keeping the art alive and thanks to those who make it possible for us to shimmy, lock and pop!

Beading, Beading and more Beading

Gaps in my posting due to setting up my new garden the beading of my new costume. It's not quite finished as yet. Progress: the bra and belt are made and covered. I need to finish more beading of the bra, and belt most of both are done. It's just the fine tuning of the pieces that are needed. This time I used a combination of appliques and hand beading. My "old" red costume does not fit anymore; therefore a new one is desperately needed. I use some of the appliques from the old one and purchased new ones. I did try to re-use as much as I could. Re-vamping the belt base was not too difficult, but after dis-mantling the bra a new one was required. I've gone thru several needle threaders, I'm pulling them too hard or they are now up to the constant usage for re threading of the needle. You will re thread lots of times using seed beads. I've found that using a very long thread needle will cause it to catch on other sequins or beads, so I've learned to shorten the length a bit.
I'm using a leather thimble also, I purchased it from "Hobby Lobby", I find it to be an invaluable tool. My last one, was damaged, I used it so much it had a hole in it!

It coming along quite well. I've realized I have a few costumes to replace! Looks like the sewing room will get a lot of use.

Since moving to Dallas, I have more opportunities to dance! The Kismet Stage Events (hafla shows every other month) and Authentic Belly Dancing Entertainment Academy (host a monthly hafla for local area students).




Kismet Stage

This past Saturday, January 30th, I shared my dance for the first time on the Kismet Stage. This was the second time, I had the opportunity to attend one of the shows. I did once upon visiting last year and what a difference several months can make. The Kismet Stage events are very community orientated. The belly dance community come out! As they say, they do everything big in Dallas; belly dance in Dallas is big and well represented. Happy to be involved.

The weather was colder than I'd like, I weathered the temperature, really brrr. My performance was to one of the tracks on the Hossam Ramsey CD, Tribal Bedouin or do I have the title reversed? Too bad I can take pictures of myself! Waiting on the other photographer to send me a copies, just can't wait. (Still tweaking my tribal bedouin attire)

The show included a variety of dancers and styles. I've posted a few of the pictures I took. There were way too many to post them all. I will post more later to the Kismet Stage page on Tribe.net!

The next Kismet event will be in Fort Worth at the Rose Theater, this venue has a great stage. Previously, where 3rd Coast Tribal held their show. It will be on the 20th of February and the theme is Valentine's! NO doubt the might be lots or Red to hit the stage.


Zahra Zuhair



This past Saturday (01/23/2010-my first workshop of 2010!)... I attended the workshop and show sponsored by DeeDee of Little Egypt Dance Academy in Garland, TX. The instructor was Zahra Zuhair! An inspiring insturctor, who used the basic movements and expands them with layers to create the most beautiful combinations. I could not take notes fast enough. Hopefully my muscle memory will kick in for me. One of the basic movements to create with was the Arabesque. So many ways to layer on to this movement. My plans are to begin many personal practice sessions for this one. (Zahra Zuhair does have a website, look her up on line)

We were taught a choreography, which is performed that evening, and other Oriental combinations. The stretching really let me know how much I need to work on become more flexible. Is this at all possible?

Later that evening the show was held at the Habibi Cafe, Richardson,TX. I was impressed with the Middle Eastern vidoes and vast selection of music played by the DJ after the show. Excellent buffet table. Yummy.
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I'm always searching on line for pictures of Berber and or Moroccan Women. I use many of the pictures for inspiration and cosuming ideas. The costumes are colorful and have many pieces. Just a small tribute to Berber, Moroccan and Algerian women and their costuming.
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Album Covers





Take a look at these album covers, if you were a fan of the 1970's you might like this. I adore the costumes from this era, they were truly a statement of belly dance! How exotic looking..... Did you dance in the 70's, if so does this take you back. It's too bad I did not dance then, I'd have a closet full!
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Class with Amel Tafsout

Yes if many of you have not figured it out yet I have relocated to the Dallas Fort Worth area. I was very sad to leave my Troupe Nayliyat and teaching classes, which I really do miss the most.

I'm happy to say I won't be bored. Dallas has a large and active belly dance community. There is always something to do here. I attended the 3rd Coast Tribal the weekend before and it was just fab. I registered to take the class with Amel Tafsout, Tunisian! I attended the lecture afterwards on tribal symbols and markings. I picked up on many new things to me; I was not aware of and dance until my knees literally hurt. Tunisian is very intense or am I out of shape :O The "horse dance" and miming were fun.

3rd Coast Tribal did a good job of bring in a variety of instructors. I found out about it late so some of the classes that I wanted were sold out. The vendors had sooooooo much tribal stuff...it was a tribal feast for the eyes! The workshop was held at the Rose Theatre in Fort Worth, great venue for stage shows; other areas for classes. All in all I enjoyed.

You just can't get enough of Amel!



Little Egypt

Getting into the groove in a new place is one of the beginning things one must do when moving from one city to another. Since I've moved there are lots of belly dance events that I need to find and place on the calendar. So...this weekend I traveled on a magic carpet ride to Little Egypt. Every year there is a sale, the costumes are drastically marked down, as well as the jewelry and other accessory items. I have not seen this much stuff before. It's like going to a belly dance grocery store.

You have to walk around the store a few times and you still can find items that you did not see before. So my suggestion is to take your time and look carefully! The Berber/folkloric items were gorgeous. The costume selection is actually overwhelming if you are not sure you know what you are looking for, but you will find a gem if you take your time.

I did find a few items ;) and best of all home decor!

The owner DeeDee sponsors workshops. I registered for the upcoming class this Saturday. Of course I will report back afterwards. If you have time visit the website it will give more information on the 2010 calendar. While in Dallas visit Little Egypt!

Vashti's Class

I'm beginning to get settled in at my new local! This past weekend was belly dance full. I attended class with Vashti! I've seen previously in St. Louis and attend a seminar/workshop....years ago. She is still as awesome as ever. Many of the layering movements made me really concentrate on just how much I can expand my skills in the art of belly dance.

I'm looking forward to attending more classes with Vashti, it's a bonus that I have a great selection of insturctors in the Dallas area. But I do remember another instructor telling me, how important it is to stick with your instructor for several years. It will take you several years to tap the instruction your instructor has to offer. I like Vashti's style of layering, hand movements and fludity. I think her expertise will help me to improve on my dance skills.