Moroccan & African Castanets

Moroccan Castanets are the double sets with the bag. Play these by holding the middle section and zill away.

The African Iron Castanets (Frikywa). Play these by placing the ring on your thumb and place your middle finger through the hole and play.

These instruments can be found on ebay or by searching by name on the web.

Zills, Sagat

I can play the zills, but there is room for improvement to say the least. I attended a mini workshop today at the Lotus Arts Studio. Somra taught the class a true MASTER of the zills. She is phenomenal. If I could only play them like my sister in the dance! We review all of the rhythms with such enthusiasm. My fingers re-learned old favorites and explored moving the fingers in a break thumb speed; which did not work well for me. (improvement needed!) I'm going back to the zill drills, everyone at home will hate me for sure. Socks or mufflers will be in order to accomplish this feat.

Along with the zill instruction, we had the opportunity to practice a few of the vintage dance movements. Wow, so much to learn!

Now eager to purchase a pair of the Moroccan Castanets and African Iron Castanets (Frikywa)...I will need to make a pack with myself. Play the originals better, then move on to something more challenging. I no doubt have a lot of work to do ;)

**take a look at Lotus Arts Studio offering various mini workshops with local instructors!


Event Calendar

Do you ever wonder why events always seem to fall on the same date? This just drives me crazy. I wish everyone would look at the calendar before scheduling events. Now I have to make a big decision. Enie, menie, minie, moe


It's been awhile since posting. Here's what I've been tackling lately:

My last session ended on a good note, lots of new students. I'm looking forward to the new session next week. Working musical selections for class CD. The rotation of music keeps class interesting and gives the students an opportunity to hear various musical styles.

Cropped & posted new Raks Sharki pictures!! There were several new attendees last month. My goal is to grow the event. I'd like to see more of the belly dance community participate.
It's all about enjoying the sisterhood of dance.
Who will be in the lineup this month. I've decided to have another birthday celebration on this day, one can never have too many birthday parties. (Cake!)

Received my new costume in the mail! I will need to adjust and complete the accessories for the new look.

I did purchase another costume, it's more of the winter type of thing. It need a few minor adjustments. Off to the sewing room.

Sunday, I will attend a mini workshop! Will report more later.

Put forth your best shimmy.