Shimmy into Spring

Spring brings on new life, flowers and a cleansing of the Earth. This is a time for us to consider our belly dance life and adventures. As the weather turns, turn to your inner dance diva. Make the decision to step out of your comfort zone, explore another style of dance. Having butterflies can be good. Push yourself to higher heights, drill harder. Challenge yourself. Shimmy, Shimmy and more shimmies.

I have a few challenges on my plate for the upcoming season...I'm anxiously waiting to get to dancing!

In June, I have committed to two (2) Saturday's in June with BDU. Costume change for sure, music to pick and choreography to work on. Another challenge, this makes me happy. Let the shimmies begin!

It's all about the Tribal Belt

The winter months are s l o w, not many festivals. But Spring is here! You could not tell by the weather in STL. There will be 2 events for the troupe to look forward to National Dance Week, Earth Day and our monthly Raks Sharki meeting!

Dusting off my costumes, some adjustments to be made and maybe an refurbish to one of the tribal belts. I like the more textured yarn that I'm seeing used on the belts now. I'm pondering what color combo to use, all 3 in the veil or just 2? Decisions, decisions.

The picture posted is of Rania's belt! I adore the various textures & colors. It worked well with her costume. I could easily see this as a crossover belt. Puts me in the mind of a tribal gypsy, if there is such a thing.

National Dance Week, Saturday, April 25th @ Union Station

Earth Day is Sunday, April 26th in Forest Park

Raks Sharki in STL....Sunday, April 26th (Should I do a costume change???)


I've really neglected my blog lately; I miss blogging. But due to such a crazy work schedule there seems to be a problem. Any-who....having the opportunity to dance at the Missouri Theatre for the Arts in Columbia was a treat. The theatre is a smaller version of the Fox Theatre in St. Louis. I'd love to have my dance troupe dance on this stage. This is a excellent space for large troupes. The theatre has gone under renovation, the college put lots of work into the space. Too bad more haflas and or belly dance shows are not held at this location. It's the home of BDU and I'm happy!

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate, lower than expected turnout :(
What did I like the most? Of course costumes!!! They were all on the creative side of belly dance. More photos are on the Belly Dance United website.