Fine tuning a choreography takes time, effort and closely listening to the music.
It has to have just the right flow for it to work. Placing the moves to the music, just the right timing. Getting things run smoothly & it needs to flow. It cand be done, it will be done. I know it works for me....ok it does work! Now how will the entire group look? Stage formation, presentation and so on.

Just a few more adjustments here and there and it will be final.....then to the dance floor! (still thinking it over)

The passion continues...always looking for a new song!

Dance expression.


Thoughts for Today

Today I worked on my newest costume creation, I'll wear it on Sunday providing it's completed. If not then perhaps at the next seminar or show.

There's a new choreography dancing around in my head, I'm blessed the way they just come to me. I usually see them first, then I workout the details in front of the mirror. I have plans to get this one down pat as I say; it's needs to be in proper timing among the dancers! Not too fast nor too slow, just right. Next choreography class introduction of music and work on stage placement, movements and getting it all to flow!

This will be so enjoyable!


Background Info

It's take work in order to put on a performance, not many people may think of what goes into making a production. All of the elements that make a group performance work, includes thinking ahead! One must be organized to make things go off without a hitch and then all of your best plans can go astray! Doing what you love is wonderful, to have the opportunity to take a hobby to a higher level is rewarding. Knowing you have met another goal.....The mission was accomplished.

I'm sighing with relief and on to the next project. Working out the kinks, getting it just right. Practice makes perfect and perfection is a quality that I certianly strive to accomplish.

This is one of our group shots at the 2005 Loop in Motion Festival.


Other Dancers

I see them come and go, it's the natural of the business; but I do wonder why they cease to speak? Just because you dance with another group or teach does not mean you can't speak; or does it?

It this what the dance has come to....us not being polite to one another, we share the same love. Too bad that when we shift sides these type of things have to happen, everyone is entitled to their own form of expression.

We all move on, it's understandable. It's a good idea not to tear down a bridge, if you may have to cross it again!


Well it's all done and the performance is over. Jitters before, two dancers were late, upsetting to say the least. Especially, when you see the sound man looking your way......He wants to know when to start the music. On stage or off? We made it. Perhaps, I'm not getting the point across on being on time? Never-the-less it was a wonderful show. I can't wait to see the photos. Several photographers in the crowd...thanks to family and friends awaiting with digitals from all angles.

Another notch on "our" performance belt! Off to planning the next one. Choreography tune up, drills and getting the timing just right.