Sew It Seams.......

I'm still working on the red costume, taking much longer than I thought. There is not enough time in the day or I just get distracted. The bra design has changed again. Other projects have gotten my attention or need it more. I did receive a new sewing machine for my birthday, so I did take a short break. Life does happen.

There's a new skirt for the upcoming Kismet in October!

Shh...there's a stack of costume fabric on the shelf. ;0

Kismet Stage July 2010

This past Saturday evening, Kismet Stage in Carrollton. Too bad it was the last show at this location, they are looking for a new venue. This venue has a great stage and lighting. The DJ does a superb job. But the economy has a hand in everything these days.

I volunteered at this month. My new position of dancer check in, allowed me to meet the performers up close and personal.

The line up included performers, troupe and what of treat of having to live music bands. Wind & Fingers and Tribal Element. At the intermission break "It Is What It Is" performed (Hand drumming and percussion band)

It was a packed house as well as the program. Act III was all performers dancing with live music. Nice touch to the show. Nothing compares to live drums and or other instruments.

Look for other events by Kismet. Support dance in your community!
**We do need to keep art alive.**

I personally captured too many pictures to post them all; if you were a performer and are interested in see the entire album drop me a email!

Ahlan Cario Nights

Little Egypt in Dallas does host excellent workshops and seminars! I had the pleasure of attending ACN along with the Queen of Raks competition 2010. All good as they say. The competition included dancers from all over! The Queen competition was on Thursday evening. I'm following the program and counting 16 contestants. The all put on a good show. Colorful costumes, great music and performing. A must see if you are interested in competition and or just love to watch others. I was happy I decided to go. I stayed for the "show after the contest". Asi Haskal with local dancers from TX and singer Amr Kamal. A late night but well worth it. I forgot to mention the opening procession was a sight to see, lots of dancers in various costumes, colorful and entertaining to say the least.

The Saturday night show was spectacular. Soloist and Troupes from around the TX area and beyond. Nadi El Raks had an opportunity to dance! The costumes were a hit!

Too bad for me I did not purchase a Saturday night dinner and show ticket. It was a blast from what I've been told. Singer Yasser, Performances by Nour, Osama Emam, Khaled Mahomoud, Asi Haskal, Jihan Jamal, Maja, Lotus Niraja, Azusa and Silvia.

Next year, I be sure to mark my calendar and be ready to do the entire event.

Queen of Raks:
1st Place Dalida
2nd Place Yeli
3rd Place Alia

Congratulations to all!


Saidi Dress

Sewing and beading the Saidi Dress was one of my latest projects. I have to thank Magdelena for the personal pattern. It fits like a glove. The fabric stretch lycra; was somewhat sheer. Beaded with gold bugle bead and 3 different or more colors of paillettes. (Paillette's will stain the skin.)

Having previous knowledge in sewing is invaluable in belly dance costuming. If you don't sew, find a friend who does and be very nice to her or learn to sew. It does help in costume repair and construction.

The beading was the most difficult of all; as well as time consuming. I'd suggest not to design an elaborate design if you don't have that kind of time. A simple design works well also. Tip: Knot your thread every so often, take your time, be sure to have a marking pen, good beading needles and thread. It's all downhill after that. You will have to take time to plan out your design. Look at other costume pictures on line to obtain ideas.

Cartwright's on line for sequins and other goodies.
Spandex World for costuming fabric

Nadi El Raks

Nadi El Raks (Dance Club) is the brain child of Magedelena, an aquiantence I met back while living in St. Louis. All members of this group or either instructors and or lovers of the art of belly dance. We are a good mix of women who are dedicated to promoting the art and of course love costumes.

Magdelena currently teaches in Frisco, TX. (Will update with link soon!)
Rickki & Sam both teach in McKinney, TX. (Ditto!)
I previously taught in St. Louis.
Jenn is soon to open Sole Groove Dance in Flower Mound!

Keep your eyes out, we love to dance!

I'm Back!!!

It's been far too long not to have posted something! So what have I been up to since the last post? Lots of stuff and activities. I have joined a group Nadi El Raks (The Dance Club), we have had several performances under our hip belts.

There is Strato's visits, Kismet and Ahlan Cario Nights.

I've completed several costume skirts, purchased a few new pieces and beginning on improvement of my beading skills. I've made a saidi dress and more costumes are on the drawing table. So let's get started and I'm back!