Zahra Zuhair



This past Saturday (01/23/2010-my first workshop of 2010!)... I attended the workshop and show sponsored by DeeDee of Little Egypt Dance Academy in Garland, TX. The instructor was Zahra Zuhair! An inspiring insturctor, who used the basic movements and expands them with layers to create the most beautiful combinations. I could not take notes fast enough. Hopefully my muscle memory will kick in for me. One of the basic movements to create with was the Arabesque. So many ways to layer on to this movement. My plans are to begin many personal practice sessions for this one. (Zahra Zuhair does have a website, look her up on line)

We were taught a choreography, which is performed that evening, and other Oriental combinations. The stretching really let me know how much I need to work on become more flexible. Is this at all possible?

Later that evening the show was held at the Habibi Cafe, Richardson,TX. I was impressed with the Middle Eastern vidoes and vast selection of music played by the DJ after the show. Excellent buffet table. Yummy.
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I'm always searching on line for pictures of Berber and or Moroccan Women. I use many of the pictures for inspiration and cosuming ideas. The costumes are colorful and have many pieces. Just a small tribute to Berber, Moroccan and Algerian women and their costuming.
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Album Covers





Take a look at these album covers, if you were a fan of the 1970's you might like this. I adore the costumes from this era, they were truly a statement of belly dance! How exotic looking..... Did you dance in the 70's, if so does this take you back. It's too bad I did not dance then, I'd have a closet full!
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Class with Amel Tafsout

Yes if many of you have not figured it out yet I have relocated to the Dallas Fort Worth area. I was very sad to leave my Troupe Nayliyat and teaching classes, which I really do miss the most.

I'm happy to say I won't be bored. Dallas has a large and active belly dance community. There is always something to do here. I attended the 3rd Coast Tribal the weekend before and it was just fab. I registered to take the class with Amel Tafsout, Tunisian! I attended the lecture afterwards on tribal symbols and markings. I picked up on many new things to me; I was not aware of and dance until my knees literally hurt. Tunisian is very intense or am I out of shape :O The "horse dance" and miming were fun.

3rd Coast Tribal did a good job of bring in a variety of instructors. I found out about it late so some of the classes that I wanted were sold out. The vendors had sooooooo much tribal stuff...it was a tribal feast for the eyes! The workshop was held at the Rose Theatre in Fort Worth, great venue for stage shows; other areas for classes. All in all I enjoyed.

You just can't get enough of Amel!



Little Egypt

Getting into the groove in a new place is one of the beginning things one must do when moving from one city to another. Since I've moved there are lots of belly dance events that I need to find and place on the calendar. So...this weekend I traveled on a magic carpet ride to Little Egypt. Every year there is a sale, the costumes are drastically marked down, as well as the jewelry and other accessory items. I have not seen this much stuff before. It's like going to a belly dance grocery store.

You have to walk around the store a few times and you still can find items that you did not see before. So my suggestion is to take your time and look carefully! The Berber/folkloric items were gorgeous. The costume selection is actually overwhelming if you are not sure you know what you are looking for, but you will find a gem if you take your time.

I did find a few items ;) and best of all home decor!

The owner DeeDee sponsors workshops. I registered for the upcoming class this Saturday. Of course I will report back afterwards. If you have time visit the website it will give more information on the 2010 calendar. While in Dallas visit Little Egypt!

Vashti's Class

I'm beginning to get settled in at my new local! This past weekend was belly dance full. I attended class with Vashti! I've seen previously in St. Louis and attend a seminar/workshop....years ago. She is still as awesome as ever. Many of the layering movements made me really concentrate on just how much I can expand my skills in the art of belly dance.

I'm looking forward to attending more classes with Vashti, it's a bonus that I have a great selection of insturctors in the Dallas area. But I do remember another instructor telling me, how important it is to stick with your instructor for several years. It will take you several years to tap the instruction your instructor has to offer. I like Vashti's style of layering, hand movements and fludity. I think her expertise will help me to improve on my dance skills.