Little Egypt

Getting into the groove in a new place is one of the beginning things one must do when moving from one city to another. Since I've moved there are lots of belly dance events that I need to find and place on the calendar. So...this weekend I traveled on a magic carpet ride to Little Egypt. Every year there is a sale, the costumes are drastically marked down, as well as the jewelry and other accessory items. I have not seen this much stuff before. It's like going to a belly dance grocery store.

You have to walk around the store a few times and you still can find items that you did not see before. So my suggestion is to take your time and look carefully! The Berber/folkloric items were gorgeous. The costume selection is actually overwhelming if you are not sure you know what you are looking for, but you will find a gem if you take your time.

I did find a few items ;) and best of all home decor!

The owner DeeDee sponsors workshops. I registered for the upcoming class this Saturday. Of course I will report back afterwards. If you have time visit the website it will give more information on the 2010 calendar. While in Dallas visit Little Egypt!

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