One of my previous students paid me a visit in class this evening. She stopped by to say HI! Such a pleasant supprise, it must be ESP because I had thought of her only today! This is something I must pay attention to more often....it could payoff in a big way some day.

After opening my email, there were several other messages from students. No matter how trival the questions are or what's going on with them, I must say I have some of the best students.

Teaching has given me the opportunity to share with others, meet new people and help those who truly want to learn the dance. I have seen many come and go and the ones that stay are gems.


Song after song!

I have been listening to song after song today, going thru my libray on the computer. Why I have not found the right one yet is still baffling to me......I need to get on the stick ASAP. hopefully something will come to me soon than later. Could there be too many choices or not enough, it's how you look at it. I need to make a decison!

After class I will be at it again, making the right selection is so important. The performance is soon...the pressure is on. I'm confident to make just the right selection! Ok, ok let's listen to that one again.

I do this all the time, going over song after song. Decisions that need to be made, oh and what color of skirt shall I choose? (Smiling to myself)