Raks Al Shamadan

Raks Al Shamadan an Egyptian dance usually performed at weddings; and or special celebrations. The dancer dances with a large ornate candlelabrum on her head. This dance is good luck and proserity for the bride and groom.

I recently had the pleasure of performing this dance again. Tips I can give is to try out the candelabrum if you can. If not find out the weight. My new one is brass and is very light weight! It has been a life saver. I feel I can manuver much better with the much lighter one. I took time to add beads and use golden candles. My first candelabrum does weigh a ton or more. I was quite nervous using it, but got by, I even did floor work, brave of me, yeah right! My next project is to decorate the crown part of the headpiece. I must search for the right beading trim.

Some of the best information I have found on line is from the Belly Dancing Diva:
Historical and very informative.
Visit her on line webpage.



Performing in October

As the days began to get shorter,there is more of a chill in the air. It's definitely a good time to sport the "tribal" look. Layers upon layers of stuff, it nevers ends or seems that way. The colors of the costume a artfully working with the fall colors; besides the layers are added insulation. Nothing can replace the look of the turban and it's comfort from the chill in the air. Now the weight of it is another thing. But we suited up; caravaning together.
A good time was had by all.

Vice & Virture

Vice & Virtue was recently presented by Belly Dance United. The event location was The Blue Note theatre in Columbia, MO. It puts you in the mind of a mini Fox that's in St. Louis. Columbia does have several venues that are excellent for stage shows.

In order to find out more info on the participants go to www.bellydanceunited.com

Vice & Virtue was relating to the good and bad virtue's that we all have. Each cast member played a vice and virtue. The one I portrayed were Love and Envy. You can get the idea. Costumes were designed by the cast members, all shakers of the hips. Belly Dance United members are from various dance groups or students.

Participation in Belly Dance United offers challenges, expands performance horizons and widens the circle of friends that shimmy!

Berber Woman

I recently found this picture and just love it. Berber Woman look so regal!
Wow, another costume for me to work on.


Missing in Action

I've been missing in aciton for quite sometime, so I'm going to make an effort to be more frequent. So many things have come up to keep me away from the blog. Blogging allows me to share the belly dance events and knowledge I've aquired.