Raks Al Shamadan

Raks Al Shamadan an Egyptian dance usually performed at weddings; and or special celebrations. The dancer dances with a large ornate candlelabrum on her head. This dance is good luck and proserity for the bride and groom.

I recently had the pleasure of performing this dance again. Tips I can give is to try out the candelabrum if you can. If not find out the weight. My new one is brass and is very light weight! It has been a life saver. I feel I can manuver much better with the much lighter one. I took time to add beads and use golden candles. My first candelabrum does weigh a ton or more. I was quite nervous using it, but got by, I even did floor work, brave of me, yeah right! My next project is to decorate the crown part of the headpiece. I must search for the right beading trim.

Some of the best information I have found on line is from the Belly Dancing Diva:
Historical and very informative.
Visit her on line webpage.


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