Snow & Cold Weather

Most people know I don't like the cold weather. Perhaps, it has something to do with being born in JULY. (focus on not being cold, it could be worst) Class was cancelled last night. I wondered why it took so long to make the decision. Personally, it's not worth the risk. Two days of snow and ice is enough. Any temperature above 45 would be bearable, 50 or more, I'm grateful. Missing class is a drag, but there's an opportunity to listen to music, review DVDs and so on. Or just watch TV. I wonder does anyone else feel out of sorts when classes are cancelled. I find myself in an odd state. My body does know I should be dancing.

Raks in STL

The first Raks of the year had a good turnout. I'm always excited to see what costumes will be worn and props used. They say thought travels so many miles per second; I guess 3 of us were all thinking alike. This worked out well, I decided to add in an additional group sword dance.

The new students in attendance got a chance to see us in action. Haflas give me inspiration to train harder; wanting to do some of the new movements & combos that were displayed.

Thinking, wow, I want to learn that! Now it's, I want to add an additional layer on top of this. There's always something new and challenging.

This year has just begun, I have many more Raks upcoming.



Mr. President Barack Obama

Yes, I was on of those people glued to the television set. I watched all day, just could not get enough of the coverage. Switching back and forth from CNN to MSNBC.
This was a historical event in many ways. With such a cold temperature of 11 degrees, there was no way my body would have made it very long. To those who braved the trip and the cold I congratulate you! Thumbs up, Mr. President and best wishes to you, your family and your cabinet members. I'm cheering for you. What a shock that many of the folks in the VIP section did not wear a hat. They are more than brave.

Later that evening I & 'hubby' had tickets to the Inaugural Ball at City Hall. A "Black Tie Affair" (there were lots going on around town). The one I attend was at City Hall and sponsored by the African American Caucus & STL Young Democrats. FYI: My sister is an Alderwomen. I had the opportunity to see some old friends and made new ones.
When attending any ball or function at City Hall just know that the marble floors are not your friend, especially if you are wearing high heels. We were entertained by 2 bands and enjoyed dinner as well.



I'm a member of Belly Dance United

Wow, I'm in. A new and exciting challenge for 2009! Talk about jumping in right away; I'm playing the part of the Crab in this show. "Wilderness" will be performed in March 2009. I'm born under the Zodiac Sign of Cancer the Crab. (Did she already know?) ;)

Belly Dance United: www.bellydanceunited.com

No time to waste, costume


Les Cacas

I'm not really bored just waiting for the henna to take. I purchased Les Cacas Hot Hair Henna (NOIR) from www.lush.com They have a store in the Galleria Mall, so I decide to do my part and go green. As a dancer, one must upkeep your hair or at least I think it should be that way. It's a messy process. I've read all of the post on the website from others listed as product junkies; who've used this method. I don't consider myself a product junkie; unless you count costumes and hip belts. Most of the post were were positive, and I slept on all of the tips. Today I took the plunge and mixed the brick, I only used 4 of the squares, you get 6 for $20 dollars plus tax.
Due to the length and style of my hair it took quite a bit of mixture and time. I SHOULD have asked for HELP! After coating my hair as best as I could; I waited the 6 hours as suggested by the sales person! Both of the ladies in the store agreed with the length and thickness of my hair it would be a long process for me. Most of those who posted online suggested leaving it on 3 to 6 for longer/thicker hair and to obtain a stunning effect. OK, I can deal with this so...I made the deadline. Note: If you are going to use this type of henna product, follow the directions. Mix the henna very well, to a smooth creamy paste, have plenty of time and patience; a friend helps. But it can be done alone. You must be very careful, henna does leave stains.

You ask how did it turn out? Well, I'm pleased! A few of the dreds in the back of my hair was the hardest. I will use the product again and the smell did not bother me as much as my fellow henna users had stated. It's a natural product.....I like henna for the body so the hair henna was not a smell issue for me. A few of the dreads could have more coverage, working alone and having about 90 something of them is not an easy to do alone. I will enlist the assistance of a friend for my next application.

Have things to do while you wait, I talked on the phone, watched football playoffs and updated the tribes I belong to on Tribe. (www.tribe.com) I opted out of some of my tribes, now I only have 80! I visited every single one. I would have picked up a few more friends but this website is not being cooperative today. ;) My hair looks great!


Building the Library

I WON!! I'm waiting on my new DVD. A bargain DVD under $20 bucks. plus free shipping. Ebay offers lots of bargains for belly dancers. Of course buyer beware! I can only hope to learn something from them. One is instructional the other is performance only, or at least I think so. I will review them ASAP. Beside I will never know until I view them. Good or bad experience is the best teacher.

It's a Sign of the Times

There was not enough students enrolled; so the minimum requirement was not met. Your class will be cancelled for the session! It's a rule and must be followed. A rule is a rule. But it's a sign of the times, job cuts layoffs and so on. No wonder the Thursday class got cut. Times are hard. I hope students who frequented this location will continue to have the love for belly dance in their hearts. I'm sad because this location was more than just a location, it was a community that was not exposed to the art of belly dance. Belly dance offers lots of physical and emotional benefits. The emotional side of the dance is what makes it so wonderful. Many women develop a sense of pride and gain more self esteem from learning the art. They begin to realize how to control isolated muscle groups, smile and have some fun while working out.

Who knows what will happen, when one door closes another one will open.


New Year of Belly Dance

It's exciting to begin the New Year with "new" students! I do enjoy the challenge of sharing my dance knowledge. Especially in such difficult and trying times. My blessed to have students who can continue to attend classes. We all need a break and something to get us out of the doldrums. Belly dance does do it for me. There's a new list of names to learn and returning students as well. This year will be MY belly dance year. My plans and goals are to focus, focus, focus, attend more seminars, expand the CD & DVD library. I will try to limit my time on YouTube but I doubt it will happen. There are so many favorites that I must watch! After thinking it over, I'm grateful for my opportunity to teach.

I eagerly await 2 new CD'S and a DVD! Yay, for Ebay.