Les Cacas

I'm not really bored just waiting for the henna to take. I purchased Les Cacas Hot Hair Henna (NOIR) from www.lush.com They have a store in the Galleria Mall, so I decide to do my part and go green. As a dancer, one must upkeep your hair or at least I think it should be that way. It's a messy process. I've read all of the post on the website from others listed as product junkies; who've used this method. I don't consider myself a product junkie; unless you count costumes and hip belts. Most of the post were were positive, and I slept on all of the tips. Today I took the plunge and mixed the brick, I only used 4 of the squares, you get 6 for $20 dollars plus tax.
Due to the length and style of my hair it took quite a bit of mixture and time. I SHOULD have asked for HELP! After coating my hair as best as I could; I waited the 6 hours as suggested by the sales person! Both of the ladies in the store agreed with the length and thickness of my hair it would be a long process for me. Most of those who posted online suggested leaving it on 3 to 6 for longer/thicker hair and to obtain a stunning effect. OK, I can deal with this so...I made the deadline. Note: If you are going to use this type of henna product, follow the directions. Mix the henna very well, to a smooth creamy paste, have plenty of time and patience; a friend helps. But it can be done alone. You must be very careful, henna does leave stains.

You ask how did it turn out? Well, I'm pleased! A few of the dreds in the back of my hair was the hardest. I will use the product again and the smell did not bother me as much as my fellow henna users had stated. It's a natural product.....I like henna for the body so the hair henna was not a smell issue for me. A few of the dreads could have more coverage, working alone and having about 90 something of them is not an easy to do alone. I will enlist the assistance of a friend for my next application.

Have things to do while you wait, I talked on the phone, watched football playoffs and updated the tribes I belong to on Tribe. (www.tribe.com) I opted out of some of my tribes, now I only have 80! I visited every single one. I would have picked up a few more friends but this website is not being cooperative today. ;) My hair looks great!

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