It's a Sign of the Times

There was not enough students enrolled; so the minimum requirement was not met. Your class will be cancelled for the session! It's a rule and must be followed. A rule is a rule. But it's a sign of the times, job cuts layoffs and so on. No wonder the Thursday class got cut. Times are hard. I hope students who frequented this location will continue to have the love for belly dance in their hearts. I'm sad because this location was more than just a location, it was a community that was not exposed to the art of belly dance. Belly dance offers lots of physical and emotional benefits. The emotional side of the dance is what makes it so wonderful. Many women develop a sense of pride and gain more self esteem from learning the art. They begin to realize how to control isolated muscle groups, smile and have some fun while working out.

Who knows what will happen, when one door closes another one will open.

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