Mr. President Barack Obama

Yes, I was on of those people glued to the television set. I watched all day, just could not get enough of the coverage. Switching back and forth from CNN to MSNBC.
This was a historical event in many ways. With such a cold temperature of 11 degrees, there was no way my body would have made it very long. To those who braved the trip and the cold I congratulate you! Thumbs up, Mr. President and best wishes to you, your family and your cabinet members. I'm cheering for you. What a shock that many of the folks in the VIP section did not wear a hat. They are more than brave.

Later that evening I & 'hubby' had tickets to the Inaugural Ball at City Hall. A "Black Tie Affair" (there were lots going on around town). The one I attend was at City Hall and sponsored by the African American Caucus & STL Young Democrats. FYI: My sister is an Alderwomen. I had the opportunity to see some old friends and made new ones.
When attending any ball or function at City Hall just know that the marble floors are not your friend, especially if you are wearing high heels. We were entertained by 2 bands and enjoyed dinner as well.



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