Earth Dance in Columbia

This year, I was invited to participate in Earth Dance in Columbia, MO. It is: "Global dance for peace taking place simultaneously in over 100 cities around the world."

Due to the raining weather...the alternative to the rain was inside the church. So before I could get to the stage, it started raining! The show must go on and it was moved to the church just up the street. I forgot the name of the church. Not so good on memory banks.

It was a well organized program. The most enjoyable aspect of the program was the unity of the prayer. It was done all over the world at the same time, moving.
Earth Dance is a annual event.

The drummers are from Mid Missouri Collective, yay, women drummers rak! Okay, guys too!

www.earthdance.org Website has lots more information

Costume Sewing

Today I made a pattern for a Turkish vest like top. My plans are to wear the top with a cabaret costume. If not wearing arm bands/guantlets then I have to have some type of top or arm covering. I don't like the bare arm look! My arms are in pretty good shape. The more costume pieces the classier the costume it to me. Reminder this is my opinion. So off to Spandex Wareshouse I went, one of my favorite online fabric sources; for all types of stretch fabrics. The selection is superior, I have found excellent bargains. My selection was one yard of yellow spandex that was emblished with gold sequins. The fabric caught my eye because of the cascading sequins that hang off of the fabric. This will allow for lots shimmer on stage. No need to decorate the jacket/vest with all of the on fabric sequins. It also come in a shade of silver. Best to plan carefully it's $28 per yard. Out of my yard of fabric I got the vest, headband & hipbelt. Most of the fabrics are 60" wide, so your fabric can go a long way. I could not bring myself to get rid of the scraps, so they are filling in at the blank spots on my belt. There are a pile of sequins left over, I'm sure they will be put to good use.