Kismet Stage July 2010

This past Saturday evening, Kismet Stage in Carrollton. Too bad it was the last show at this location, they are looking for a new venue. This venue has a great stage and lighting. The DJ does a superb job. But the economy has a hand in everything these days.

I volunteered at this month. My new position of dancer check in, allowed me to meet the performers up close and personal.

The line up included performers, troupe and what of treat of having to live music bands. Wind & Fingers and Tribal Element. At the intermission break "It Is What It Is" performed (Hand drumming and percussion band)

It was a packed house as well as the program. Act III was all performers dancing with live music. Nice touch to the show. Nothing compares to live drums and or other instruments.

Look for other events by Kismet. Support dance in your community!
**We do need to keep art alive.**

I personally captured too many pictures to post them all; if you were a performer and are interested in see the entire album drop me a email!

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