Saidi Dress

Sewing and beading the Saidi Dress was one of my latest projects. I have to thank Magdelena for the personal pattern. It fits like a glove. The fabric stretch lycra; was somewhat sheer. Beaded with gold bugle bead and 3 different or more colors of paillettes. (Paillette's will stain the skin.)

Having previous knowledge in sewing is invaluable in belly dance costuming. If you don't sew, find a friend who does and be very nice to her or learn to sew. It does help in costume repair and construction.

The beading was the most difficult of all; as well as time consuming. I'd suggest not to design an elaborate design if you don't have that kind of time. A simple design works well also. Tip: Knot your thread every so often, take your time, be sure to have a marking pen, good beading needles and thread. It's all downhill after that. You will have to take time to plan out your design. Look at other costume pictures on line to obtain ideas.

Cartwright's on line for sequins and other goodies.
Spandex World for costuming fabric

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