Ahlan Cario Nights

Little Egypt in Dallas does host excellent workshops and seminars! I had the pleasure of attending ACN along with the Queen of Raks competition 2010. All good as they say. The competition included dancers from all over! The Queen competition was on Thursday evening. I'm following the program and counting 16 contestants. The all put on a good show. Colorful costumes, great music and performing. A must see if you are interested in competition and or just love to watch others. I was happy I decided to go. I stayed for the "show after the contest". Asi Haskal with local dancers from TX and singer Amr Kamal. A late night but well worth it. I forgot to mention the opening procession was a sight to see, lots of dancers in various costumes, colorful and entertaining to say the least.

The Saturday night show was spectacular. Soloist and Troupes from around the TX area and beyond. Nadi El Raks had an opportunity to dance! The costumes were a hit!

Too bad for me I did not purchase a Saturday night dinner and show ticket. It was a blast from what I've been told. Singer Yasser, Performances by Nour, Osama Emam, Khaled Mahomoud, Asi Haskal, Jihan Jamal, Maja, Lotus Niraja, Azusa and Silvia.

Next year, I be sure to mark my calendar and be ready to do the entire event.

Queen of Raks:
1st Place Dalida
2nd Place Yeli
3rd Place Alia

Congratulations to all!

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