It's been awhile since posting. Here's what I've been tackling lately:

My last session ended on a good note, lots of new students. I'm looking forward to the new session next week. Working musical selections for class CD. The rotation of music keeps class interesting and gives the students an opportunity to hear various musical styles.

Cropped & posted new Raks Sharki pictures!! There were several new attendees last month. My goal is to grow the event. I'd like to see more of the belly dance community participate.
It's all about enjoying the sisterhood of dance.
Who will be in the lineup this month. I've decided to have another birthday celebration on this day, one can never have too many birthday parties. (Cake!)

Received my new costume in the mail! I will need to adjust and complete the accessories for the new look.

I did purchase another costume, it's more of the winter type of thing. It need a few minor adjustments. Off to the sewing room.

Sunday, I will attend a mini workshop! Will report more later.

Put forth your best shimmy.

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