Kismet Stage

This past Saturday, January 30th, I shared my dance for the first time on the Kismet Stage. This was the second time, I had the opportunity to attend one of the shows. I did once upon visiting last year and what a difference several months can make. The Kismet Stage events are very community orientated. The belly dance community come out! As they say, they do everything big in Dallas; belly dance in Dallas is big and well represented. Happy to be involved.

The weather was colder than I'd like, I weathered the temperature, really brrr. My performance was to one of the tracks on the Hossam Ramsey CD, Tribal Bedouin or do I have the title reversed? Too bad I can take pictures of myself! Waiting on the other photographer to send me a copies, just can't wait. (Still tweaking my tribal bedouin attire)

The show included a variety of dancers and styles. I've posted a few of the pictures I took. There were way too many to post them all. I will post more later to the Kismet Stage page on Tribe.net!

The next Kismet event will be in Fort Worth at the Rose Theater, this venue has a great stage. Previously, where 3rd Coast Tribal held their show. It will be on the 20th of February and the theme is Valentine's! NO doubt the might be lots or Red to hit the stage.

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