Beading, Beading and more Beading

Gaps in my posting due to setting up my new garden the beading of my new costume. It's not quite finished as yet. Progress: the bra and belt are made and covered. I need to finish more beading of the bra, and belt most of both are done. It's just the fine tuning of the pieces that are needed. This time I used a combination of appliques and hand beading. My "old" red costume does not fit anymore; therefore a new one is desperately needed. I use some of the appliques from the old one and purchased new ones. I did try to re-use as much as I could. Re-vamping the belt base was not too difficult, but after dis-mantling the bra a new one was required. I've gone thru several needle threaders, I'm pulling them too hard or they are now up to the constant usage for re threading of the needle. You will re thread lots of times using seed beads. I've found that using a very long thread needle will cause it to catch on other sequins or beads, so I've learned to shorten the length a bit.
I'm using a leather thimble also, I purchased it from "Hobby Lobby", I find it to be an invaluable tool. My last one, was damaged, I used it so much it had a hole in it!

It coming along quite well. I've realized I have a few costumes to replace! Looks like the sewing room will get a lot of use.

Since moving to Dallas, I have more opportunities to dance! The Kismet Stage Events (hafla shows every other month) and Authentic Belly Dancing Entertainment Academy (host a monthly hafla for local area students).



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