What's in your "Raks Bag"?

Being prepared for class is a good thing. Take time to have your dance bag packed. It's a good idea to keep various items in the bag that you might need in class, this eliminates you from searching for the items in a pinch. I keep my bag packed and ready to go. Even doing; so I've forgotten myself! Have you arrived at class to only find out you don't have the neccessary items needed! To avoid this you can have the items ready. I'd suggest 2 (two) hipscarfs, 1 (one)coined, 1 (one)fringed/for no noise, a pair of zills, a veil, tiered skirt (tribal students), dance shoes; if you wear them and don't forget a journal. I recommend keeping a dance journal, it becomes useful in recording what you have learned, making notes to yourself, & writing down dance movements, and so on. This bag is transferable when attending a seminar. Seminars and/or workshops are similar to classes just more intensive. Your bag can be a simple tote bags, rolling bag, backpack or gym bag. Consider personalizng your bag, it will be easily identified!

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