Basic Posture

I will reluctantly leave the costumes; to put some emphasis on the very basics of belly dance. Posture is so important in belly dance. I can't begin to stress this enough during class. I observe that students are not always adhering to the request of "getting into the basic position". Keeping the knees bent softly, pelvic area tucked, chest up and shoulders relaxed. Oh..... don't forget that you are not in pain! Smile, think positive thoughts as the instructor guides you in your drills. As new and returning students this is so important to properly execute the movements. I can't say it enough, posture is so important. Posture is so important, posture is so important, ok..you got it!

Taking a little more time in front of the mirror really helps. The room I miss the most gave me the opportunity of seeing myself from all sides! This was an eye opener and posture evaluation. There is nothing like a studio with mirrors. One great motivator to say the least.

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