Attending a Hafla

Why do you attend a hafla? Just to have the opportunity to improve your dance skills, to share them with others or to just socialize? For many dancers it might be all of the reasons fore mentioned. As a belly dancer are you supportive of the dance community in your area? How far are we willing to travel to be a part of a dance community. Belly dance does offer friendships and bonds among women. We meet new friends; while keeping the old. Through dance you have the ability to encourage others to begin or continue belly dance lessons. It can be a form of advertisement for instructors and costume designers. You have opportunity to shop an instructor, and/or fall in love with a new style of dance. Don't be afraid to ask questions, meet someone new. Review the program, know who's who and what's what, by keeping your ears and eyes open you can enrich your dance knowledge.

We all have many reasons for attending haflas.
Support is one of the main reasons that will keep haflas alive.

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