Lashes are one of my makeup must have's, I feel out of costume without them. They are quite easy to apply once you get the hang of them. I'd suggest purchasing several pairs to started. Lashes can be found in a variety of styles, colors, and some will have jewels applied to them. If you are really into elaborate styles, try feathered lashes. You will not have a difficult time finding them, at local beauty supply stores, discount stores or makeup outlets and of course on line. I'd suggest purchasing inexpensive ones for starters. I personally don't find it necessary to over spend. You have 2 choices for lashes, individual or strips. I find both are easy to use, individuals are more time consuming but will last a couple of days.(If you are not a hard sleeper!) Be sure to purchase the adhesive, if not included! Adhesive comes in colors, black, white and clear (brush application).
By wearing lashes, your wink can be seen from across the room.


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