The Pattern

This is the pattern that we use for the beledi dress. BD #1003 (I failed to insert the photo on an earlier post) I did some modifications and adjustments to the pattern. 1st - I made it longer to the ankle, 2nd - I slimmed down the width of the dress. It seemed to work better for me, if the dress fitted closer to the body. We used stretch fabric, I'm sure you can use something without stretch. The dress is very flattering to all figures. (Radhiya's opinion) If using this pattern, be sure to purchase 60" wide fabric. It can be tricky to lay it out, the sleeves are 1 yard across! If your fabric is not wide enough, you will have slice the sleeves at the shoulder and re-lay them. The pattern can work well for troupe costuming as well as beginner sewers. I did try to find the link to the vendor but it seems as if she is not on-line or perhaps it's just down for now. But I did include a few links above on where to purchase belly dance patterns. Most of the pattern companies are on line, but the basic companies, McCalls, Butterick, Simplicity and Vogue all sell costume patterns.



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