Holiday Hafla

This evening "Troupe Nayliyat", had the pleasure of opening the show at the Holiday Halfa sponsored by Danse Orientale. It was a cold and rainy night. I eagerly awaited all of my troupe members to arrive. Despite the traffic and unpleasant weather conditions; everyone arrive in one piece. I missed Rania not being the line up with us this evening; her smiling and supportive face was in the audience cheering us on. Our music selection was from the Tribal Bedouin CD by Hossam Ramzey. I'm happy the performance started and glad when it was completed. Another one down and now I'm looking forward to the next event. We survived, a new choreography, and the challenge of keeping hipscarfs in place (safety pins), cheers and all. There is no way we could accomplish this all without our support group. There is nothing like "family, friends and those who love to see you dance". Hey, someone has to take pictures, hold the table, assist with makeup and clap along with us!

On the program were dancers from the metropolitan STL area. I had several costume favorites, the Ghawazee Coats, a dress that sparkled, and some of the "new" Lycra spandex ensembles are beginning to grow on me. Oh my, how could I forget to mention the menu? Yummy, Middle Eastern cuisine! Wow, I now have to unpack my bag.

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