Reflecting & Looking Ahead

On my list for the upcoming year, I want work on my technique. I'm seriously looking at seminars that are offered here in town & another not too far for me to drive by myself. Giving it much thought and visits to YouTube, I'm satisfied that my money would not be wasted on personal choices. How devastating to take a seminar that leaves you empty! Been there and done that. Word to the wise, read the fine print, find out what's being taught, skill level needed and research the instructor. This is a must. Don't pay for a seminar unless you are comfortable with the instructor OR a style of dance that's not well suited for you. Inquire with others, research or seek the opinion of your instructor or a best belly friend. I love Classical Egyptian, Orientale (aka many other names, this is the area where I desire to acquire more of a polished technique. Do consider other styles of dance as well, this adds more interest to your repertoire. Trying a new style will get you a new prospective that style. Folkloric makes me smile, Tribal is so much fun with a troupe! and the list goes on and on for me.

My classes are not in session the last 2 weeks of this month, Yay....this allows me to take a close look at my accomplishments for this year. I will make note of what I want to accomplish for next year. I must not forget, the break will allow me to revisit old songs, and develop the overall program for 2008. Work on website updates;all thing related to belly dance.

The short/long list, knowing myself, more to be added.

*Watching and rewatching videos on YouTube! (vintage dancers)
*DVD'S to purchase?
*Updating my class CD'S
*Purging the costume closet, somethings are just not me anymore.
*Look forward to "new" students being added to the line up.

I think I have enough to keep my busy.

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