I decided to go to see "Bellylious" performed by Belly Dance United, the show was about a married couple that gets lost in "Bellyious" a magical belly dance world on their anniversary.
To read more in depth visit: www.bellydanceunited.com
The website will offer you much more detailed info than I can give and detailed descriptions of members of BDU.

Ok the shimmy on it all, I enjoyed the show. I found it to be entertaining. I'm one who likes theatre shows and of course a bit of drama, I'm giving the show thumbs up. As part of the audience "Bellylious" to me traveling the world of dancers, various styles were presented. From Exotic to Dramatic. Each dancer presented their flavor and particular style. I did have
my favorites and the music selections were from traditional to non-traditional.
I felt the show was a success. I did not time it but it was over an hour. Afterwards, there was informal dancing, on the belly dance carpet.

I did have a chance to speak with a few of the dancers following the show;
the director of the group, Tamaira & I chatted for a few minutes. Everyone was pleasant and eager to share their excitement of the event. I heard a song last
night that I ABSOLUTELY fell in LOVE with! Of course, I'm off
searching... I won't have to go too far Gaylin told me all the details!
Many zagahreets!

Utopia Studio (def.-a imaginary society or place considered to be ideal or perfect) (http://www.utopiastl.com/)is on Park Ave in St. Louis, MO. There's a parking
lot is in front of the building. Bellyilous was held in the theatre
below called Necropolis (def.-cemetery). As listed on the website the space is
a 16'x 16' room, it is an non smoking room! Now, I did not know this
until I read it on the website, this is a plus for me. It was cold
last night in the room, but I do get cold very fast. I did talk with Spence
concerning the temperture of the room. This was the only thing I did
not like. I did not visit the ladies room , can't comment on it.
He did inform me of the upgrades that have been made and apologized
for the coldness. The sound is good. It's is a dark room, and had
lots of candle lighting. Oh, I did smell inscense burning another
plus for me. (I'm a fan of oils too!) The pews had padded seats and
where comfortable. It's an alternative venue, and fits the owner's
artistic flair. This stage has plenty of room for using all types of
dance props.

Attendees had the opportunity to purchase a variety of beverages.

BDU literatue and flyers for upcoming shows, candy canes, cookies and
general upbeat attitude.

I did take several pictures of performers, but FAILED to have more
memory with me!!!!! I've benn promised copies of pictues, I want to post some
on the Raks

There has been lots of talk on the Utopia Studios, I'm glad it generated conversation on the Raks Sharki in St. Louis Yahoo Group, we could use more dialog. Yes, it is dark and there are people out there who support dark, just a fact of life. Not all belly dance shows or hafla's will be what YOU might be accustomed to, we will never all see eye to eye. But the fact remains, we will need to coexist.
There will be differences in styles, music, instructors, the arts and so on. Let's not forget costumes, another one of my personal favorites.

If we all looked the same, thought the same........things would be boring.
Art is in the eye of the "beholder."

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