7th Annual Emerson Elizabethan Evening

Last evening, I was invited to attend "Emerson Elizabethan Evening." I was asked by a fellow dancer; if I was interested in joining her to perform at this event. I did ask a few questions, and decided that it would be interesting. Besides it's a chance to expand horizons, learn something new and move out of one's comfort zone. The performance is comfortable, but this type of event was new to me. My costume of choice was "gypsy". The attendees where dressed head to toe in Renaissance costuming.(Similar to the picture posted, I forgot my camera!)Most of the costumes were in jewel tones and elobrate. My thoughts immediate drifted to sewing, I'd enjoy sewing There was a King and Queen of the Court. I found out this was a two day event after reading the program. It included a Welcum, Book of Curtasye, Diands (Menu),and included a full program of events. Entertainers were sprinkled throughout the program, De Singers Greenleaf, De St. Louis Recorder Consort, De Players, De Entainers (Belly Dancers!) and a wonderful staff. Some entered the backroom giving us the curtain call, I had butterflies, but after hearing the music I began to smile. Beside they were smiling at us! I followed most important instruction, show the King & Queen "curtasye"! It was now shimmy time.

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