Cold & Snow

I don't like cold weather or snow. No fan of winter. I'll survive, class is this evening. I've worked on the links page of my website. My goal is to do some type of updating here and there.

Searching around on line, I've found out that Shira.net is updating her website, it's suppose to have a whole new look. I'm giving her 2 thumbs without even seeing it. Her site is one of the best around. I remember when I first surfed on to her site, I finally stopped reading very early in the morning! The place is like an encyclopedia. Tons and tons of information. I wanted to absorb it all, being a new student of belly dance. I've had the pleasure to meet her in person, she's lots of fun. I fondly remember her sharing videos with us at a party, I hosted several years ago. I need to search for the pictures of us....wow, there are stacks and stacks of CD'S with pictures on them or is a regular photo? I'm off searching. If it's found, I'll post!

I guess I'll be up late again to take it all in.

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