Sewing Desk

I needed a sewing table, so I surfed the web. The more upscale tables I found are just great, lots of storage, but a bit too pricey for me. So I called the closest Hancock Fabric store. I was surprised to find they offer several types of tables. Reasonable to expensive. I did find a portable table that was on sale. Besides not really liking the color of the table, the table is functional for my sewing needs. It has 4 good size drawers, I can organize my sewing supplies. I still have spillage. I decided to get another one of the tables, they were on sale; so why not go for it? I double my much needed drawer space and have a place to place both of my machines. At this time I'm deciding on how to best place them so I can have a "L" shape workstation. Once the room is complete, I'll post a pic. The table construction offers the opportunity to have the drawers on the right or left side and the foldout has enough surface space for larger garments. Not as much as I'd like be it will work. Organization is necessary in a sewing room and in life!

Sullivan is the manufacture of the table. It's white and the model number is 739301125654. It is priced at $129 and was on sale for $99.

The link below is a picture of the table! Take a peak.


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