The Ghawazee Coat

I've been on pins and needles, the fabric finally arrive. I ordered a combination of fabric from www.fabric.com It was easy enough, since my amount was over $35 the shipping was free. After opening the box--the fabric did match the swatches that I selected on line. This is a good thing, I don't order much fabric on line. But searching several fabric stores, unable to find what I wanted there was no other choice. JoAnn's in North County was closed for business permanently!, another sign of the times. Hancock's & Jackman's did not have my color selection. Jackman's does have excellent selections in the area of home decor (South location). I did not mention Antol's, designer outlet of fabrics; if you sew for home decor or gowns/or costumes this is the place to look. They carry a large selection of trims (BEADED to die for!) The Ghawazee Coats on line look good, some were not to my liking. Others too pricey. The Velvet Peacock on line store has the BEST! They are made to order and expensive. The only other alternative is to start up the machines. It's not like I can't make a coat, I've made others. Now I have to re-visit the old BDPattern I used before; I'm SERIOUSLY considering using the Turkish Dancer pattern by Folkwear. This pattern will offer me faster construction. I'm pressed for time. This costume needs to be ready by the 28th of February! Honestly before that I need to practice in costume and have pictures taken BEFORE the performance. My decision is to have the coat, pantaloons and a tunic top. Of course a my turban. I will ad a motif on the front and back of my coat. Topping it off with jewelry and hip scarf? Is it possible to do a tassel belt? I know I'm really pushing it.

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Red China Silk, Maroon Tone on Tone, Red Gauge-ordered on line.
Wow...I just happen to have the Maroon Satin, thx, WalMart!


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