Blogging from Chi-Town!

Driving to Chicago, it rained most of the way. Of course this would happen after I took the wheel. Good experience for me especially passing the 18 wheelers.
The most important thing of all is to CHECK your bags before you get on the highway. While listening to my CD, going over the choreography in my mind, I realized that I had LEFT my sword! I all but screamed, they were both on the bed in my sewing room. Not good, but a fast call to my right and left hand....assistance was on the way! Having a dance buddy is PRICELESS.
Zelda understood and found a vendor in town that would place one on hold for me.
Audrena is a lifesaver and having a Garmin does not hurt. I got an excellent deal on a bronze sword. I peaked at the special order costume laying out, it was a stunner, gold with eye popping purple stones, something I don't need but want! Now I'm trying to budget it in sometime this year!

Moral of the story, check and double check your bags before you pack for a trip.

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