I'm a Political Junkie Also.........

Yes, I'm one of those people who follow the news to a fault. But I really like CNN, MSNBC and Fox is not a favorite of mine. Hardball, Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow are all tops on my list. I posted a pic of Donna Brazile, so she on the list as well. The anchors at CNN also, too many to name, Anderson Cooper and Jack McCafferty (sp?) make me laugh.

But yesterday as I watch the news I'm disturbed by the cartoon that ran in the New York Times. I don't read the paper, but did look on line at it today. I'm not going to re-post the tasteless cartoon. I feel it's degrading. At a time when the country and economy is in such bad shambles, I'm sure they could put more energy into more positive reporting. Cartoons should be funny not insulting, racists or disrespectful.

Hopefully, New Yorkers and others will boycott this paper. Wondering if they will issure an apology?

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