Extending Opportunity: Raks Sharki

Once a month, I host the Raks Sharki in St. Louis. It is a free hafla, the event is extended to all belly dancers that are in the St. Louis and beyond. Basically, anyone who is interested in attend to gain more experience in public performances. Usually there is a minimal charge at haflas. This was a venue for my students as well as others to get a chance to wear costume and just dance in an relaxed atmosphere. Besides, I was looking for more opportunities to dance myself.

From time to time we have other local dancers who join us in some fun. Drummers, on occasion show up to drum out their beat. Basically, music and a merry time for all.

My goal is to link the belly dance community throughout the St. Louis area, giving others a chance to socialize with others who share like interest. Kind of like a "belly dancers night out" type of thing. So far things are going well, in the future, I'd love to see more dancers participate. This is my belly-stimulus package to the area. Hope to see you at the end of the month!

If interested join this Yahoo Group!

Our flyer and NEW log was developed by: SSR!

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