Earth Day 2009

Earth Day 2009....change in the parking lot for performers this year! Walking down hill on a windy day is fine, walking up a hill back to the parking lot not so much fun. I have allergies, so a little suffering was involved. I missed the usage of the pavilion! This year the crowd seemed larger to me or was it due to everyone sitting on the bales of hay?

We choose the color scheme of blue, or purple. Seems to be fitting for a gypsy dancer. Troupe Nayliyat performed on the grassy stage, challenging to a dancer's feet. Twigs, dips and so on. If you dance you will relate. This was another opportunity for us to demonstrate our love for the dance. This year we had a few novice students to join in on the festivities, with butterflies and all. They did a good job. A first public performance brings on a case of the jitters! After all is done; a sea of calm returns. I remember my first public performance. My goal is to make everyone a comfortable as possible. It's not always possible, but I do try help extreme cases of stage fright.

Our support staff recorded the event and the troupe photographer had a chance to capture our best smiles. I'm pleased with the video (will post) and photos!

Hopefully, everyone attending the Earth Day event got the message of Earth Day and saving the planet for generations to come. Let's go and think green, while wearing other colors.

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