When they clap after class; you know you have done a good job. Besides, it gives the instructor a sense of accomplish and the sound is rewarding!

When you wake up in the morning and you are sore, know you had a great workout! This is the feeling you want for your students! (At least I'm still learning too! (And still get sore) Knowing you are reaching the goal of preparing your body to be the best it can on the dance floor. I try to work as hard a possible in every class, does this always workout for me no! At least I know I've given it my best.

As students, we need to incorporate the idea of working to the max, this way you know you are doing and achieving the best for your body. Stretching is very important before your workout and after. Muscles must be warmed up and stretched as well as cooled down at the end of class.

So put your best foot forward in class, dance to the max.  Be sure to pay close attention to your instructor. Try to remember a few of the movements to practice on your own, if not in time you will.  Posture is very important and I do try to make sure students are executing the drill move properly.  If you are not getting corrected in your class then something is wrong! 
Ask the instructor for feedback.

What will help you in class if you are not remembering the moves? A notebook, I have always had a book. I still have my dance journal, it stays in my bag especially at seminars and workshops. I've referred to remember old moves and gain a new insight in how to redo them after leaving them behind.
You won't remember it all but you will become fond of revisiting them for reference.

Great class ladies, I'm looking forward to improving!

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