ABDE Tryouts

Too much time waste not getting back on the blog sphere! Really, really I'm back now. Suffering from another sinus infection, I'm unable to attend class this evening; so I'll catch on up on the lack of postings.

Beginning with the New Year, I decided to put myself up to new challenges in my dance. I ordered a few instructional DVDs and tried out for a local group ABDE. I have not gotten into any type of tryout or competition, so I thought it was a good place to begin. Nerves really got the best of me. You never know what any particular group is looking for in a new member. Unless you take an educated guess by looking at pics or knowing other members to ask questions. I only knew ABDE from attending the Harem Nights. The sponsor a monthly belly dancer hafla that is open to local performers in the DFW area. It is an open atmosphere and everyone is welcome. It is held the first Thursday of each month at Strato's.

OK for the tryouts, I did a Beledi Dress, orange dancing with the Shamadan. I wanted to do something different from the norm. In my mind it went well, or to say I completed my performance. What a relief to be off the dance floor. Dancing in front of a table of dancer judges is not an easy task, it is a learning experience. Then you wait for the results. I was not sure of what they were looking for, so I place my feet on the dance floor and hope the steps would guide me to success. After a few days I got a scoring. I was surprised at my ranking. As they say you are your own worst critic. Now having a ranking to review I know what is expected of me by judges in a performance. You read other rankings from other contest but this was different being local. So now I feel a sigh of relief. I do attend classes to learn various group choreographies. It is challenging and fun. In dance you ALWAYS need to keep yourself busy and sharp. One can never have too much practice.

It's a good thing because I have picked up 2 beginner classes and I need to be in excellent shape for my students. The challenge for 2011 is to refine, reshape and renew myself as I grow in my dance skills. I learn to repeat this mantra to myself more, You will always be a student, always. It's fun being in the front of the class and one of the students in the class. Great experience.

Tips/Suggestions that I can give to those who are planning on signing up for a tryout and or contest:
~Practice your moves/and or choreography
~Isolations let them be defined
~Do a level change/or changes in your dance
~Smile at the audience, make eye contact
intro, solo, drum & exit
~Know your music in your while awake or sleep
~Pay close attention to your costume makeup & appearence (details make a difference!)
~Your costume needs to match your music
~Make sure your dance has an Entrance, Dance, & Exit
~Smile at the audience and be yourself. "You will Dance Like Nobody's Watching!"

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